Web Design workshop

The Web Design workshop will inspire you to design a web site. Young people are very familiar with using the internet but often don’t know where to start when it comes to designing, building and uploading one to a server. For those already with a PC, and some spare time, they can reach a wide audience with their art, their blogs or any other talent or interest that they have. Not to mention that good training from the start can equip them with a recognised skill to get a job that will be fun as well as absorbing.

The art of web design is never ending as new technologies are continually introduced. This workshop can be as simple as you like with a few candidates working on one PC for a few hours to several sessions over a period of weeks of groups working together on one PC each.

Students can bring in their own material, text, graphics or photographs on a CD with an idea of what sort of web site they want to do. Alternatively they can work on tutorials from pre-designed templates or, depending on internet access, can download a site, break it apart, change the text and swap in their own photos. Afterwards their will be an opportunity to upload the files to a server and see their creation, live on the internet!

Short workshops will encourage students to build what is possibly their first page, while longer more intensive workshops will enable students to have a whole web site designed and on the internet.

The Web Design workshop leaders

Our resident web designer leans very heavily on the side of creativity so don’t expect mind numbing jargon and unintelligible scripting. Instead he will show you how to take what you do and make it into a cool looking site. Coming from a photographic background, Simon also has his own web design business. He has a first class degree in Visual Communication Design and for the past 4 years, Simon has worked on brand, layout, identity and accessibility for BT.

Scheme of work

Principal purpose:

  • During the process of designing and building a web site: to encourage students to actively express their interests on the internet and learn a new work/life skill at the same time.

Benefits include:

  • Encouraging and enabling their creativity to be seen by the wider community.
  • Introducing them to a potential vocation.
  • Telling the world a bit more about themselves.

Highlights of the workshop:

  • Bringing together different elements on the page and watching their creation take shape on the internet as a web page/site.

All participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to use web design software that is freely available on the internet or recognised industry standard software such as Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • Integrate imagery (photos are graphics) into a web site
  • Start a design from a basic template
  • Learn how to lay out a web site
  • Learn about navigation and menus
  • Where is the best place to put the logo?
  • Learn how to style text creatively
  • Have the opportunity to have notes/resources on HTML code and web design to take away and learn
  • Asking questions to a professional web/graphic designer
  • What does a "bad site" look like?
  • Showing examples of good web design
  • Putting a web site (uploading) creation up on the internet

Evidence of participation

Many youth schemes require evidence of learners' participation and achievements in wider learning projects to contribute to the young person's file or CV. Top Dog can support this by providing a Top Dog Certificate of Achievement.


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