Creative Writing workshop

Do you have crazy ideas running in your head? Do words fascinate you? Do you write short stories just for fun? Do you want to be a writer? This workshop is packed with lots of hints, tips and advice for budding writers.

Learn how to create characters, improve literacy skills and write believable plots, sparkling dialogue and wonderful descriptive passages. You can also be taught how to present your work, where to get it published, how to enter competitions, where to get ideas and how to earn money from your writing. The final part of the workshop entails the participants writing their own short story using the techniques learnt in the day, which can be recited to the group.

Pieces written on this workshop may form the basis of/or give inspiration for an article, short story or even a book! Some participants of this workshop go on to try to write for some local publications, enter writers' competitions or even send their stories to major publishers. As well as the usual one day workshops a ten-week Creative Writing course is available. This can also be broken down into a shorter course over fewer weeks.

The Creative Writing workshop leaders

Our creative writing tutors are published writers and have been tutoring Creative Writing courses for over 15 years. They have a natural ability to bring out the best in students and encourage them with their writing and creative thoughts.

Some of our tutors present at various events and has published have had various articles, short stories, letters and poems published, some internationally.

Scheme of work

Principal purpose:

  • Encourage people into creative writing by challenging them to "think outside the box", to explore their "hidden" right brain and to write fantastic stories.

Benefits include:

  • Once certain skills are learned they are never forgotten and students can take this much further.

Highlights of the workshop:

  • Testing out "new" ideas. Being "inventive" - people are often surprised at themselves.

All participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Write creatively
  • All students will be very encouraged by this workshop

Evidence of participation

Many youth schemes require evidence of learners' participation and achievements in wider learning projects to contribute to the young person's file or CV. Top Dog can support this by providing a Top Dog Certificate of Achievement.


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