Youth Impact Coaching workshop

Working with youth from all backgrounds, these ground breaking sessions have been designed to help today's young people realise their full potential through the concept of coaching.

Coaching can be defined as the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another - Downey, 2003. In essence, a coach supports individuals to move from where they are now to where they want to be.

Designed around the needs of the client, the Youth Impact Workshop can be as little as two hours long to several days, but there is always something for everyone. The sessions are deliberately fun, interactive and engaging to meet the demands of today’s fast paced youth. The students will learn to work on their own, in groups or as a whole class but always working towards a positive goal.

The course follows the MAGIC framework and provides an opportunity for young people to develop a wide range of crucial life skills that they can use immediately and then run throughout their lives.

The Youth Impact Coaches

Coaching has developed over the last 15 years in the private sector but is quickly gaining popularity in many sectors due to its outstanding results with a diverse range of individuals. The Top Dog Youth Impact coaches have been working in coaching since 2003 and have helped run sessions all over the UK with direct and measurable results.

Customer comments

"The session was a really good session that I felt the young people took a lot from. The trainer had a really good delivery style and due to that I felt the young people could relate to him. It was a well thought out session that had plenty of structure with many activities that involved the young people participating. Overall the session was more than useful to the students on my course as many come from backgrounds where they view their failures as things that hold them back." – A.B., MK College

Scheme of work

Principal purpose:

  • The programme is designed to complement both formal and informal education and to provide a way for young people to explore and enhance their own development in an enjoyable, interactive and safe environment.

Benefits include:

  • Increases clarity and focus
  • Inspires and motivates to take action
  • Allows students to take responsibility for their part in learning
  • Raises awareness about what individuals want
  • Provides support and encouragement
  • Develop self-belief
  • Create a compelling vision for the future
  • Form better relationships with peer group, teachers and family
  • Creates a new and true identity for yourself

Highlights of the workshop:

  • Students will leave the workshop with a new sense of purpose and self fulfilment.

All participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Work in groups to explore the benefits of coaching
  • Learn to understand the importance of goal setting as a vital life skill
  • Learn how to use active listening
  • Learn the importance of empathy in achieving their goals
  • Learn that they can do anything they want, if they put their minds to it!

Evidence of participation

Many youth schemes require evidence of learners' participation and achievements in wider learning projects to contribute to the young person's file or CV. Top Dog can support this by providing a Top Dog Certificate of Achievement.


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