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DJ-ing workshop

The DJ-ing workshop gives a great insight into this skilled growing trade and hobby. More and more people are not only finding enjoyment in DJ-ing but are realising it is a growing entity with a widely available market. Whether it's for fun or to get a taster of a potential career move this workshop is a great first step.

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The DJ-ing workshop is extremely popular with most young people. All participants will learn about DJ-ing from one of our professionally signed UK based DJs. They will be taught how a record deck works and will learn about different styles of music, tempos, setting up the equipment, cue points, beat matching, effects, EQ-ing and how to mix two tunes together. They will also get to try their hand at "scratching" which is a very popular part of the workshop! Like the Graffiti workshop, when there are groups of 20 or more a few volunteers will be chosen to "have a go". In smaller groups everyone can have practical involvement. This workshop can be run as a beginners' or more advanced one day course as well as a 5-6 week course.

The DJ-ing workshop leaders

We represent six professional DJs who run their own record labels and who have extensive experience both teaching and performing as professional DJ's for many years.

Customer comments

"I was slightly nervous about doing this as a team building activity, especially running it at 8.30 in the morning! But it was a huge success. With the ice-breaker Matt and Adam dispelled any awkwardness and by the end of it we had to prise the microphone away from some of them!" - Jane Roberts, Communications Manager, ABN AMRO

"Top Dog's DJ Steve was fantastic with our young people. He adapted the workshop to the size of our group and everyone had a great time. One of our young people gained new skills in mixing, but more than that, was given the opportunity to perform live with a pro DJ which boosted his confidence no end!" - D Gadd, Sevenoaks

Scheme of work

Principal purpose:

  • Teaching you how to become a DJ and learn new skills about this art-form

Benefits include:

  • Learning all you need to know about the art of DJ-ing
  • Making your mix smoother and tighter
  • Gaining confidence in your mixing

Highlights of the workshop:

  • Learning to scratch
  • Finding new ways to develop your technique

All participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Use the equipment hands on, learn to beat match and find out the techniques of scratching

Evidence of participation

Many youth schemes require evidence of learners' participation and achievements in wider learning projects to contribute to the young person's file or CV. Top Dog can support this by providing a Top Dog Certificate of Achievement.


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