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Urban Bundle

Our Urban Bundle combines three urban workshops in one unique day. You can choose from a range of urban activities: MC-ing, DJ-ing, Break-dancing, Graffiti, Street-dance and Free-running. Your group will get to experience and learn three of the coolest skills around today, all in a day, at a special rate!

The most popular combination is DJ-ing, MC-ing and Break dance and these workshops have been running now for about five years.

In the DJ-ing course, participants will learn how to use top of the range DJ-ing equipment and learn how to DJ using vinyl and state of the art MP3 or CDDJ equipment. They will learn how techniques change for different genres of music. They will be taught how to beat-match, mix and learn how to scratch. Participants will then arrange and mix their own DJ set.

The MC-ing tutor will teach workshop participants how to write their own lyrics, freestyle, rap and MC over different styles of music including Hip Hop, Garage, and Drum & Bass and also how to Beatbox – making music using only your mouth. Participants will be able to rap their own lyrics over different beats and have a full piece to perform by the end of the workshop.

The Breakdance workshop will teach participants warm ups through fun activities and moves from the basics of breakdancing up to advanced skills like windmills and flares. Participants will be taught to compose performance routines from start to finish and get the opportunity to take part in a B-Boy "circle", where breakdancers stand in a circle in dance in the middle in a "battle" style.

The Urban workshop leaders

Our Urban tutors run workshops throughout the UK in schools, youth clubs, alternative education centres, prisons, churches and performing arts training academies.

The DJ-ing tutors have toured internationally, DJ-ing in some of the country's biggest nightclubs, performing alongside the biggest names in the DJ world, and have perfected the art of scratch DJ-ing. They have a great deal of experience in providing workshops in DJ-ing, as well as other areas of youth work.

The MC-ing/Rapping course is run by professional MCs with CVs including album sales of 100,000, international performances to huge crowds and well earned titles of being some of the most versatile MCs in the game. They run workshops with beginners from the age of four all the way up to professional MCs.

All of the Urban tutors are experienced youth workers and all have an up to date CRB check certificate. If you have any questions about the tutors or the workshops, please don't hesitate to ask.

Scheme of work

Principal purpose:

To teach participants all the skills involved in becoming a DJ, MC/Rapper and Break-dancer.

Benefits include:

  • Learning and performing new performance skills is a great way for participants to gain confidence, to express themselves and enjoy something new.
  • Combining three of the main forms of urban music related arts into one workshop means that participants get to try lots of different exercises and get a taste of three challenging but rewarding skills, all using very different techniques in a very creative way.
  • All the Urban tutors are committed to influencing those they work with in a positive, encouraging way, while passing on their skills.

Our Urban tutors are more than happy to tailor workshops to your needs so if you require anything specific, then please ask.

Highlights of the workshop:

  • Participants will learn to Mix, Scratch, Beatbox, MC, and Breakdance in lessons specifically tailored for them.
  • At the end of the workshop all participants will get the chance to perform their new skills in the Urban showcase!

All participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn mixing and beat matching on the DJ decks
  • Learn the techniques of scratching
  • Be taught to Beatbox
  • Learn to Rap and MC over different styles of music
  • Learn to write rap lyrics
  • Learn how to warm up properly before dancing
  • Learn a wide range of Breakdance moves
  • Perform what they have learned in front of an audience
  • Get advice and demonstrations from professionals
  • Be creative and positively express themselves through music

Evidence of participation

Many youth schemes require evidence of learners' participation and achievements in wider learning projects to contribute to the young person's file or CV. Top Dog can support this by providing a Top Dog Certificate of Achievement.


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